Leaving a legacy

Helping you take care of what is important to you.

Pass on your wealth effectively

Without sufficient planning, your loved ones or causes you support could be subjected to a significant Inheritance Tax bill on your estate.

Estate planning organises your finances to take care of your own requirements during your lifetime and pass on wealth in a tax-efficient manner on death. This includes making gifts, using available reliefs and allowances, and trust structures.

We work with you, beneficiaries or any professionals working on your behalf to initially understand your current situation, establish if Inheritance Tax could be an issue and ensure your affairs are in order to secure the financial future of the individuals or causes that matter to you.

How we can help

We can provide expert guidance to help you preserve your assets and leave the legacy you desire.

We will gain an in-depth understanding of what matters to you and your future wishes.

From gifting to spending more, life insurance, pensions to utilising tax strategies, we will explore the options available to you.

Making use of all reliefs and allowances where suitable, we will help you manage and potentially reduce your Inheritance Tax bill where possible.

Through specialist trust structures and business succession where appropriate, we will ensure your wealth goes to your loved ones.

Your tailored plan will ensure that your plans for tomorrow do not impact your needs of today.

Above all, you can have peace of mind that your wealth will be passed on efficiently in line with your wishes.

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